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Beverage, automotive, marine,
motorcycle and industrial pinch clamps.
The patented 300 Series Stainless Steel
construction offers excellent strength and
corrosive resistance. It offers sturdy and
constant closure for extended periods of
time. Suitable for Poly and Braided Tubing.
Additional sizes are available. Packaged
bulk and in 100 piece poly bags. Forms a
360 degree seal
ensuring long-term leak proof closure for
critical engine fluid lines.
The clamp installs easily/quickly, which
offers quick production line attachment of
hose and fittings.
SAE Type “SEC”
Other sizes available upon request. Available in packed and bulk stock. Other packaging configurations available.
Offers low profile, which is excellent for
use in areas where space and accessibility
are of concern.
Less expensive than the conventional
worm drive clamp in terms of clamp and
installation costs.
Proper installations and clamp closure
eliminates the need to re-tighten and
provides a tamper-proof assembly.
Part Number
Width (W)
Thinkness (T)
Open Dia.
Closed Dia.
KVGT 5065
6.5mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 6.5mm 5.3mm
KVGT 5070
7.0mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 7.0mm 5.8mm
KVGT 5080
8.0mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 8.0mm 6.8mm
KVGT 5087
8.7mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 8.7mm 7.0mm
KVGT 5095
9.5mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 9.5mm 7.8mm
KVGT 5100
10.0mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 10.0mm 8.3mm
KVGT 5105
10.5mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 10.5mm 8.8mm
KVGT 5109
10.9mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 10.9mm 9.2mm
KVGT 5 1 1 3
11.3mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 11.3mm 9.6mm
KVGT 5 1 1 8
11.8mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 11.8mm 10.1mm
KVGT 7 123
12.3mm 5.0mm 0.6mm 12.3mm 9.8mm
KVGT 7128
12.8mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 12.8mm 10.3mm
KVGT 7 133
13.3mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 13.3mm 10.8mm
KVGT 7138
13.8mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 13.8mm 11.3mm
KVGT 7140
14.0mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 14.0mm 11.5mm
KVGT 7145
14.5mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 14.5mm 12.0mm
KVGT 7 157
15.7mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 15.7mm 13.2mm
KVGT 7162
16.2mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 16.2mm 13.7mm
KVGT 7164
16.4mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 16.4mm 13.9mm
KVGT 7170
17.0mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 17.0mm 14.5mm
KVGT 7185
18.5mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 18.5mm 16.0mm
KVGT 7 192
19.2mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 19.2mm 16.0mm
KVGT 7198
19.8mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 19.8mm 16.6mm
KVGT 7210
21.0mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 21.0mm 17.8mm
KVGT 7226
22.6mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 22.6mm 19.4mm
KVGT 724 1
24.1mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 24.1mm 20.9mm
KVGT 727 1
27.1mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 27.1mm 23.9mm
KVGT 7286
28.6mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 28.6mm 25.4mm
KVGT 7308 30.8mm 7.0mm 0.6mm 30.8mm 27.6mm
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